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Aerosol cans made of 100% PCR recycled aluminium

Submitted by: Nussbaum Matzingen AG (Nussbaum Group)

In a transparent processing concept, pure aluminium waste retrieved from the “yellow bin” – the recyclable packaging material bin – is pressed by a metal recycler and processed by an aluminium processor into slugs for aluminium aerosol, threaded, spice grinders or roll-on cans or tubes. The physical proximity of the collection point, aluminium processor and can producer (within 150 km) also contributes to supporting the goal of sustainability in this recycling economy. The very high availability of this “secondary” raw material means the use of “primary” aluminium can be completely dispensed with. There are no restrictions whatsoever on the cold extrusion manufacturing process, as no adjustments are required for the subsequent process steps of internal, external and over-painting, shaping and printing.