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ASAHEGO - The Creammaker - „From the depths of the jungle“

Submitted by: Karl Knauer KG, Maatz Design, The Creammaker

This award-winning submission reminds you of a diorama, a miniature three-dimensional scene with all its depths. The founder is known as the Jungle Child and grew up with an undiscovered tribe in West Papua. Her lifelong passion for tribal botany and highly effective natural ingredients comes through clearly. A lavishly processed presentation box with attention to detail and a harmonious combination of product and packaging was created for the launch of a face cream from the high-end cosmetics market. The actual primary packaging of the product, a high-quality bamboo jar, is not immediately apparent, but reveals itself to the viewer only after an expedition into the depths of the jungle. The impressive multi-level unboxing experience begins with a sealed sleeve, the seal emphasising that this is a strictly limited edition. The jury was impressed by the overall concept of this solution, which arouses interest in exploration and discovery and offers a visual and tactile experience as well as telling a story. The packaging is a very successful tribute to the product with effective emotional product staging.