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Automatic bottle cushion

Automatic bottle cushion for online bottle retail
Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa GmbH
Material: Corrugated cardboard
Status: The submission is already on the market.

What the jury said:

Efficient and automated solutions are increasingly needed in the rapidly growing online trading market. Particularly when it comes to shipping glass bottles, complex folding constructions made of thick, shock-absorbing/cushioning corrugated cardboard materials are used today. Until now, it took a great deal of effort to manually assemble them Wines and spirits wholesalers can use the new, “automatic bottle cushion” to save time and money by sending much larger quantities of the shipped goods on their way. The single-piece bottle cushion is glued and shaped within just seconds in an automated folding station. Larger shipping units can be loaded very easily by gluing two or more bottle pads together.

The patented system from Smurfit Kappa GmbH is already in use and generates significant cost savings in both the converting process and the corrugated board material itself. The dvi jury found this thoroughly deserving of an award – congratulations!