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Colour Stream PCR Tube

Submitted by:
LINHARDT GmbH & Co. KG, Kao Germany GmbH, Morssinkhof Plastics GmbH; Deutschland

Jury evaluation:

The great challenge of our time is a fully-functioning circular economy, especially when it comes to plastic packaging. Recyclable packaging is of course important for this, but so too is using as much recyclate as possible in new packaging. However, plastic recycling not only produces natural-coloured or white recyclate, but can also be grey or coloured as a result of printed packaging. So, using recyclate in the face of demanding marketing requirements is a great challenge. The award winner has succeeded here in a remarkable way. The dual-layer structure of the tube material makes it possible to use 72% coloured recyclate in the inner layer and 73% natural-coloured or white recyclate from household waste collection in the outer layer. The white outer layer means there are no restrictions on printing despite the high recycled content. The jury found the project to be an excellent example of how cycles can be closed through innovative ideas, even when it comes to supposedly inferior recyclate qualities.