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The first paper bag for frozen products

Submitted by: FRoSTA Tiefkühlkost GmbH

Frozen vegetables are mainly packaged in folding cartons made of cardboard or plastic bags. The bag solutions are very popular with consumers because they are easier to store in their home freezers and take up less space. The challenge for Frosta was to develop a pouch packaging for frozen vegetables with a low CO2 footprint, high recyclability but without affecting product protection under the special challenges of deep-freezing. This has been achieved perfectly with the new paper bag. The bag consists of unbleached and uncoated kraft paper on the outside, printed with water-based inks, and special high-density paper on the product side, which ensures the necessary product protection. The packaging can therefore easily be recycled in the waste paper bin. The bag also achieves a significant increase in recyclability and a clear ecological benefit in terms of climate emissions compared to plastic packaging. This first paper bag for frozen products is a ground-breaking new development that consistently implements key aspects of sustainability in a visually appealing way.