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Driving the Circular Economy - Accelerating towards a World Without Waste: KeelClip™ packaging technology on multipack cans

Submitted by: Coca-Cola GmbH Germany

This cardboard packaging solution replaces the plastic packaging on 4- or 8-can multipacks which was previously used and saves 350,000 kg of plastic film in the Dutch market alone. Cardboard solutions in the drinks cans and bottles arena have been known on the market for some time, but these Sleek-Cans solve the difficult challenge of finding somewhere to clip the cans into the cardboard. The cans are securely held in the minimalist cardboard lid. In addition, the lid clip does not protrude beyond the dimensions of the cans and so also has benefits for logistics. The minimalist design of the clip allows the cans to take centre stage in this container yet are effective when needed. The cans are fixed at the upper edge and hygienically protected by the cardboard cover. This area is then also available as communication space. In terms of sustainability, this solution features impressively lower material usage, both when compared to a closed carton and to the usual shrink pack made of plastic film.