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Hela Display Tomaten Ketchup

Submitted by:
Smurfit Kappa Zedek; Deutschland

Jury evaluation:

Hela Tomato Ketchup is a display for POS in food retail and is a real “eye-catcher” for end consumers. It is clearly distinctive from standard displays and has an attention-grabbing design with very effective and prominent long-distance impact. The display’s structure is worthy of special mention too, boosting the product’s storytelling through its deliberate asymmetry. The functional background with the product-bearing elements refers cleverly to the original raw ingredients and production elements. The product USP interacts with the topper of the display, the brand logo and the product name to form a clear product and brand message unit. The attached printed slate-look “sign” with further product USP as well as the QR code for additional information resembles a board that you would see in a weekly market. This rounds off the communicative image, which also highlights the origin of the tomatoes and their “climate-neutral production” including offsetting. All in all, there is an exciting interaction going on between an ideal long-distance effect and attention-grabbing details that showcase all facets of the product at close range and give the end consumer a compelling reason to buy.