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i-si – Easy-to-Open Schalenverpackung

Submitted by:
Hélène Fontaine; Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle; Deutschland

Jury evaluation:

Sealed tray packs, e.g., for sliced cheese, are often difficult to open. The tabs can be hard to grasp which makes them difficult to use, especially for people with disabilities or physical impairments. This award-worthy packaging is highly functional with its large, clearly grippable tabs and at the same time offers the possibility of fixing the bottom part to a base. The flap is large enough to grip not only by hand, but also when using assistive devices or a prosthesis. The high-quality design is very reduced, impressively underlining the special nature of the packaging and the product. At the same time, the material combination consists of a paper-based thermoforming mould with an EVOH barrier and reduces the plastic content. Each part can be disposed of as a mono-material by separating the top film.