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ISE analyser EC Cartridge

Submitted by: AR Packaging Graz GmbH

The ISE analyser EC Cartridge for the reagent container (= cartridge) is an alternative to the plastic housing commonly used in the industry. A cardboard interior gives the four reagent bags their stability. This divides the carton packaging into segments and guarantees that the bags contained within can adapt to the increasing volume during their use, without the bags tipping over or leaking. The EC Cartridge is used simultaneously as a reagent container and also as a container for the liquid biological waste after a measurement. A connector is required to connect the cassette to the blood analyser, and this is built into the carton unit. The carton housing is pre-perforated, meaning the connector can be inserted very easily and quickly, which is an advantage for production. The use of cardboard instead of plastic therefore reduces the amount of plastic waste needing to be incinerated.