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Submitted by: Schur Flexibles Holding GesmbH

The “Green Deal” and the European Plastics Strategy also call for a change to a sustainable closed loop economy with the highest possible conservation of resources and recyclable packaging. Food protection and standardised processes have created standards that can only be optimised with great innovative efforts by all those involved in the process. The big challenge was to replace the previous PP trays with PET/PE lidding films, which were difficult to recycle, e.g. for minced meat, with a packaging system made of a single-material material that is easy to recycle and offers significant material savings. With the MonoFlow system the Schur Flexibles Group has succeeded in replacing the previous plastic tray packaging with a tubular bag packaging that is completely new for e.g. minced meat. A film solution has been developed that makes it possible to change from the well-known tray system to a recyclable PP tubular bag and also saves approximately 60% plastic material. Nevertheless, it meets the high barrier requirements for fresh minced meat.