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NATUREFORMER KFT 90 as advanced version

The NATUREFORMER KFT 90 machine produces sustainable packaging from common paper production fibres and other natural fibres.
Submitted by: Kiefel GmbH
The submission is already on the market

What the jury said:

As well as the technical solution, the jury explicitly applauds a plastics machinery company’s ability to fundamentally expand its product range in the direction of natural fibre-based materials.

The technology and, above all, the current technical process enables packaging materials to be produced which, in terms of quality features such as shape variety, accuracy, stability and surface quality, open up the most diverse areas of application for natural fibre-based moulded parts in attractive packaging. It is particularly advantageous that the submitter offers a holistic concept from stock preparation to the finished packaging material, which can be applied in the context of a broad spectrum of raw materials. Functions such as resealability or labelling can also be effectively integrated.