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ORMOCER® and bioORMOCER®-based barrier concepts for environmentally friendly packaging of the future

Submitted by: Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC

The ORMOCER and bioORMOCER bio-based and biodegradable coatings have been developed by Fraunhofer ISC. They are highly functional and can achieve barriers comparable to those otherwise offered by multilayer structures at very low layer thicknesses of 1 – 3 µm. The multifunctional ORMOCER or bioORMOCER coatings thus enable the use of recyclable polymeric monomaterials or paper-based and biodegradable packaging materials for food or pharmaceutical packaging. Whereas today’s bio-based packaging offers good oxygen barriers but only little hydrogen protection, bioORMOCER achieves an excellent barrier effect against water vapour, oxygen and aromas. As a result, polymers, bio-based or biodegradable biopolymers as well as paper or cardboard can be equipped with this barrier, which is often required for food or pharmaceuticals. With this coating, recyclable mono-materials or even paper and compostable materials can replace previous multilayer packaging, even when there are high barrier requirements, thus contributing to recycling management.