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piranha bites

Submitted by:
Emma Schüttoff & Kevin Semjancuk; Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart; Deutschland

Jury evaluation:

Piranha bites is a plastic-free packaging concept that caught the jury’s eye this year with its extraordinary conceptualisation as well as its delightful implementation. This concept incorporates sustainability aspects with meticulous attention to detail and relies entirely on renewable raw materials. The theme of dental care is taken up in the guise of a piranha. Toothbrush and dental care tablets are smartly presented at the POS. The dental care tablets are accessed by a mini-slipcase that exposes the teeth – an added entertaining feature. A successful combination of optics and execution. Piranha bites receives a Packaging Award in 2022 in the Young Talent category because its coherent design implementation and elegant execution stands out from this year’s entries.