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ProtectorBag ExpandForm

Paper based roll packaging for mattresses
Submitted by: Mondi Group, Megaflex and Bett1
Material: Paper, cardboard, carton
The submission is already on the market.

What the jury said:

This contribution was awarded in the sustainability category with regard to its focus on material substitution. The previously used plastic packaging has been replaced by a paper bag in this application.

The jury was particularly impressed by the consistent use of paper as a packaging material in this large-format consumer packaging, making disposal at home easy from the consumer’s point of view. The natural look of the paper and the various design options of the packaging complemented the overall impression of the concept.

The breathable characteristic of the paper packaging which allows the product to vent is another significant benefit of this newly deployed packaging material.

The concept is rounded off by the well-thought-out cooperation between the packaging material manufacturer, the packaging company and the machine manufacturer, which makes it compatible for use on existing packaging lines. It is currently being scaled up in the manufacturer’s other product range.

The new paper packaging meets all strength requirements, especially puncture resistance.And finally, it is particularly noteworthy that the unit is guaranteed to be significantly more robust during transport. Plastic packaging carried a risk of expansion of the packaging of up to 200%. This is now a thing of the past and thus also saves storage and transport costs.