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Recyclable PE-based thermoformed packaging with paper sleeve

Submitted by: Wipak Walsrode GmbH & Co. KG

Packaging for fresh, perishable products – sausages and meat, for example –often consists of complex, multi-layered, flexible packaging made of different materials. Its recyclability factor is usually not very high. This new type of packaging development aims to create packaging that is as recyclable as possible while maintaining product protection and efficiency in packaging production. Wipak has created a package that is easy to recycle with this newly developed vacuum pack made of two adhesive-free, unprinted PE films. A paper sleeve completes the concept. The consumer intuitively separates the sleeve during use which can be disposed of and recycled with the waste paper. All necessary product information is printed on the sleeve, so that the plastic content is completely unprinted when it is sent for recycling, which makes a positive difference to the quality of the recycled plastics. The result is a very attractive, easy to handle and easily recyclable packaging with a CO2 footprint up to 30% lower.