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Reduce Reuse Recycle – der erste Sprühkopf für die Kreislaufwirtschaft

Submitted by:
Werner & Mertz GmbH, Berry Global; Deutschland

Jury evaluation:

The circular economy is a challenge when it comes to complex functional parts such as spray heads. These contain many individual parts that must be precisely coordinated with each other. The complex technical requirements are usually solved using different materials. Werner&Mertz and Berry Global have succeeded through consistent design in developing a spray head that is made of over 97% PP. At the same time, it is 18% lighter on average than the market standard. The functional parts have a post-consumer recycled content of 29%. It is noteworthy that the design compensates for the drawbacks of the PCR material, so that the customer can use it just as easily. The screwable spray head also means that the spray bottle is refillable.