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The Blue Tube EVO – the first 100% recycled aluminium tube made from PCR material

Submitted by: Tubex Tubenfabrik Wolfsberg GmbH

Tubex presents the Blue Tube Evo, the first aluminium tube made of 100% recycled aluminium. 95% of the aluminium recyclate used actually comes from post-consumer sources. This new tube offers ecological advantages in particular, which are also required for aluminium packaging by European directives (in this case, Directive 2018/852). A further advantage of this award-winning tube is the significant saving of resources due to a 15% reduction in weight and 40% lower emissions during production. Tubex has developed a trend-setting and sustainable packaging with the Blue Tube Evo that is fit for the future. Tube packaging made of aluminium offers excellent barrier properties and is essential for certain areas of the pharmaceutical and food industries.