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Fibre-based alternative to packaging with PU foams
Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa GmbH
Material: Paper, cardboard, carton, corrugated cardboard
The submission is ready for the market but has not yet been introduced (prototype).

What the jury said:

The conventional combination of a PU nubbed foam attached to an internal shipping sleeve was substituted with a 100% fibre-based alternative in this award-winning submission.

The “tissueWave” base material is a soft, mouldable and embossed cellulose that is fixed in a wave form onto a carrier material so can be used as cushioning protection for sensitive products of any kind.

Moreover, the solution can even be used several times, as the padding material straightens out again.

The jurors were impressed by the easy recyclability of this mono-material solution, as well as its reusability – useful for returns, for example.