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Color watch box

Packaging solution for asphalt clock
Submitted by: BRAUN Denk & Werk GmbH
Material: Paper, cardboard, carton
The submission is on the market.

What the jury said:

The brief to develop a presentation and storage box for the “Nürburgring Asphalt 1” clock was implemented here in an extremely impressive way, brilliantly showcasing the packaged goods. The winning submission reflects the aesthetics and emotive aspect of the product, a clock with a dial of original asphalt.

The multi-layered road surface of the Nürburgring was taken up in the packaging construction with layers of coloured cardboard laminated on top of each other to create a perfect fit. The hinged closures also provide space for certificates, etc.

The jury was very impressed by this solution’s overall concept and its design and graphic layout.