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Wash-off labels made of 100% PCR material

Submitted by: HERMA GmbH

The label material consists of a PE film with a polymer content of 100% post-consumer recycled material. Even the masterbatch used is based on PCR-PE, which is unique for films today.
Significantly reducing the number of specks also means that the white label film can be printed very well using standard printing processes such as flexo, offset, digital and screen printing.
HERMA 62Rpw is a wash-off pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be removed without residue in the recycling process at temperatures as low as 70°C and with a low lye concentration. Commercially available wash-off pressure-sensitive adhesives usually only work at temperatures above approx. 80°C.
This recyclable solution made of 100% recycled material thus helps to successfully close recycling loops!