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Award 2023

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General data
Entry fee
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In which category do you register your submission?

Please submit your submission in the category where the main innovation is located or in which the greatest impact is achieved.

If you want to submit your packaging solution in a second category, this means a second application that is subject to a cost.

Machine technology, technology and software always belong to category 9 (packaging machines). Concepts of pupils, trainees and students always in category 10 (young people).

The jury has the right to assign a submission to a different category if the selected category is manifestly incorrect or a change is for the benefit of the submitter.

Sustainability Subcategories

What is the submission focussed on?

  1. Reducing materials
  2. Substituting materials
  3. Using recycled materials
  4. Recyclability
  5. Bio-plastics and renewable raw materials
  6. Reusable, refill and deposit systems
  7. Saving energy
  8. Overall sustainability concept (if at least three of the above points are fulfilled)

Information for the jury

Your information to the jury should be compact and meaningful.

The most important facts:

Please explain in a maximum of 5 bullet points the most important facts that distinguish your submission (for example: What is the innovation? What's new? What savings have been targeted? ... )

Description of concrete implementation:

Requirements, objectives, market situation, areas of application:

  • At this point, explain the requirements profile of your submission. What was the focus of the development? What should be achieved? For which market situation or areas of application?
  • What were the main challenges? Why did you choose this solution?
  • How and why did your submission meet or even exceed the above requirements? If possible, please provide exact figures, data and facts.
  • What has been optimized or innovated and how?
  • What are the advantages or novelties of the solution?
  • Which target groups benefit in which way?
  • How does your solution differ from its predecessor? Please include the previous solution so that the jurors can compare during their jury session.

What materials are the majority of your submissions made of?

(Multiple selection possible)

Mandatory attachments

Please provide us with at least 1 digital product photo available for use in the event of an award for brochures, website, press releases, etc. may be used!

(High-resolution image, 300 dpi, file size max. 3 MB, Allowed formats: gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif, zip)

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Additional attachments

Here you can upload additional photos, descriptions, graphics, presentations, patents or other documents for the jury evaluation (max. 3 MB). Allowed formats: jpg, gif, png, tif, pdf, doc, zip.

Please note: When exceeding the max. MB your registration cannot be recorded in the system. Larger attachments and additional explanations may be submitted by 23.06.2023 to be sent directly to

For all machine submissions: The novelty resp. the potential for improvement as well as the manner of technical implementation must be clearly and comprehensibly identifiable and assessable from the documentation to be included. In addition to textual descriptions, technical data and characteristic values, pictures, videos, patent information, descriptions of application results and proof of economic viability are also helpful.

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Contact person for the jury

Please provide a contact for questions during the jury session on 29./30.06.2023.


Product samples, mock-ups, etc.

All registered exhibits must have arrived at the location of the jury meeting (E. Michaelis & Co. KG in Reinbek) by 19.06.2023 at the latest. You will be informed of the exact delivery address with the confirmation of registration.

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Further remarks
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  • Invitations to further events of the dvi
  • Publication of photos (The event is open to the press. With your participation you agree to the publication of photos – especially on the websites of the organizer. We process your data in accordance with Article 6 para. 1 No. f Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). The processing and use of this event-specific data takes place on electronic data carriers).