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Innovative all the way to the top: the German Packaging Award 2022 selects 38 winners

The jury of the German Packaging Award 2022 has announced the winners of Europe’s largest showcase for packaging achievements. A total of 38 innovations from six countries triumphed in the competition organised by the German Packaging Institute (dvi) for the best solutions in packaging. The award ceremony will take place on 27 September 2022 as part of Fachpack in Nuremburg. The winners of the Gold Award, which further honours particularly ground-breaking innovations from among the already successful packaging award winners, will also be announced here in an exclusive feature.

“If you want to see outstandingly creative and intelligent packaging innovations, look no further than the winners of the German Packaging Award. It is extremely remarkable that the companies in our industry have not allowed the adversities caused by Covid-19, the energy crisis and supply chain problems to get in the way of their innovative and creative power,” says Dr Bettina Horenburg, Director Corporate Communications at Siegwerk Druckfarben and board member of the German Packaging Institute (dvi).

Wide bandwidth
The overall organiser of the German Packaging Award was particularly impressed by the range of outstanding solutions. “All levers are really being pulled and every detail is scrutinised to keep improving packaging and its environment and to develop the right answers to the challenges of our time. We are seeing a wide range of remarkable solutions for boxes, tubes, bottles and crates through to displays, coatings, software and machinery. You will find B2B and B2C packaging, packaging materials, packaging aids and technologies that move us forward in terms of energy and resource efficiency, climate and product protection, convenience, brand perception, automation, circular economy, e-commerce and the supply chain”, says Dr Horenburg.

Materials, categories, nations
The 38 award-winning innovations are spread across all ten categories of the packaging showcase – from digitalisation to design and processing, sustainability and economic efficiency to packaging machinery and young talent. The solutions are based on plastic, paper, carton, cardboard, corrugated cardboard as well as wood, aluminium, glass, material combinations and agricultural residues. The award winners come from Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Austria, Sweden and Ukraine. 

Gold Awards and the award ceremony
The Gold Awards give the jury the opportunity to further recognise and honour particularly ground-breaking innovations from among the packaging award winners. “Our 27-member jury personally reviewed, debated and evaluated all the submissions at their two-day meeting. At the end of their first-rate work, they were again able this year to identify some innovations that deserve the particularly prestigious Gold Award,” informs Bettina Horenburg. “We will announce the deserved winners of the Gold Award at a special industry event on the first day of Fachpack in Nuremberg together with our premium partners Fachpack, IGEPA and Packaging Valley. There is no charge to participate in the event, at which we will also present and celebrate all 38 winners of the German Packaging Award. The dvi will provide information about the registration process in good time on its ‘’ website,” says Horenburg.

Bright spots during challenging times
The jury’s evaluation texts, which the dvi publishes on its website, show the top-class bandwidth mentioned by Dr Horenburg and are truly “bright spots during challenging times”.
The winners at the German Packaging Award 2022 innovate with intelligent and holistic designs, fundamental technological innovations and highly economical solutions.
The award-winning solutions increase brand perception, offer different cooling zones for temperature-sensitive food deliveries, impress with returnable and reusable management as well as in the area of digital twins, storytelling at the POS, handling and residual emptying, child safety and game-based information.
In terms of climate and environment, the innovations stand out in their use of mono-materials and recyclates, full recyclability, home compostability and biodegradability, as well as in the use of alternative raw materials from regional sources, massive CO2 reduction, ensuring EU environmental compliance and in terms of material, energy and weight savings.
We also see decisive advances in flexibility and efficiency, solutions for e-commerce, product protection and fixation, transport and logistics, supply chain and supply chain analysis, as well as in the area of automation and digitalisation.

All of 2022’s winners with jury text and product image
A complete overview of the 38 winning innovations, each with an image of the product and the jury’s evaluation text you can find here.