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“Heavyweights” get together at the German Packaging Congress 2020

When top decision-makers in the packaging industry engage in lively debates with political opinion-makers, NGOs and environmental activists, then you know the German Packaging Congress is upon us again. This industry summit, which will be hosted by the German Packaging Institute (dvi) in Berlin on 19 and 20 March 2020, will address two of today’s mega trends: sustainability and digitalization. The focus will be on the role of packaging in tackling global challenges and the contribution it can make towards a better tomorrow.

How significant is packaging today? Which aspects are currently at the centre of the public debate and which ones are liable to be neglected? What can actually be sustained and if so, where and how? What form does this take in practice? What opportunities are opened up by digitalization? What applications already exist and what is the best way forward – for instance, in relation to new employees and consumers who are members of Generation Z?

The German Packaging Congress 2020 has made these and other, similar questions its mission. “Attendees can look forward to a fruitful exchange with opinion-makers and pacesetters from industry, politics and NGOs”, says Kim Cheng, Managing Director of the German Packaging Institute.

Hannes Jaenicke, actor, author and environmental activist, Klaus Müller, Executive Director of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations, Dr. Martin Bethke, Executive Officer Markets & Business at WWF Germany, Reinhard Schneider, winner of the German Environmental Award 2019 and CEO and proprietor of Werner & Mertz GmbH, Judith Skudelny, the Free Democrat Party’s spokesperson for environmental policy, Melissa Kühn, Sustainability Manager at bitkom, Germany’s digital association, Dr. Katharina Marquardt, Head of Scientific Communication DACH at Procter & Gamble, as well as Ulrich Rust and Dr. Thomas Hens, Managing Director Technology & Logistics and Head of Technical Development & Resources at Gerolsteiner Brunnen, will be among those providing impetus.

Ms. Cheng is in no doubt that packaging will play an increasingly important role when it comes to sustainable methods for tackling global challenges – from environmental protection through demographic pressures to the disruptive, social and economic changes resulting from digital transformation. “We must, and will, be prepared for all of this”, she continues. “That’s why at the Congress we’ll be talking about decisive strategies and trends, demonstrating best practices and taking a look at the big picture.”

Following the various presentations on 19 March, Congress attendees will have a chance the next day to take part in workshops on the subject of sustainability and digitalization or sign up for an excursion to visit ALBA's state-of-the-art waste sorting plant or the German Environment Agency's artificial stream and pond system.