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PET Still mineral water bottle: 1.5 liters at 17.5 grams

This extremely lightweighting bottle (17.5g) was conceived with an innovative perform molding technology developed by SIPA. This innovative perform molding technology allowed for optimal distribution of PET material on the bottle, respecting the standard stretch ratio. Extreme bottle lightweighting usually means making compromise between aesthetic and performance: in the present case, Sipa managed to achieve a very lightweight bottle while ensuring good mechanical performance and featuring an appealing look. The optimum material distribution permitted to obtain, along with the design, a PET bottle at the weight of 17.5 g, with a top-load comparable to bottles weighing more than 20g. Also the bottle handling by the consumer is optimum due to the fact that the bottle does not deform during the pouring. This bottle design allows for a saving of 20% in weight reducing the environmental impact of plastic and CO2 footprint.

  • Chrystal clear bottle.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • No need of nitrogen.

SIPA spa

Mr Dino Zanette



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