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Co2 Recycling in PET Flaschen

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Science has long been concerned with the possibilities of biotechnology to transform greenhouse gas into sustainable raw materials in an ecologically and economically sensible way. Various previous approaches did not have the potential for commercialization for a long time. LanzaTech cleared this hurdle in 2018, and a first production plant was put into operation. The Mibelle Group recognized the potential of the technology for the consumer goods market at an early stage and, with its expertise and commitment, made it possible to use it in this area. A process for converting CO2 into ethanol was developed, which in turn forms the basis for many sustainable plastics. This opens up the possibility of crude oil-free plastics production, which at the same time enables the climate-damaging CO2 in the atmosphere to be reduced. In addition, the plastic obtained from it is recyclable. The jury is convinced of this innovative approach: packaging made from CO2 recycling does not require any cultivation space and can be an important milestone on the way to a sustainable recycling economy.