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Students’ Convention

Welcome. And stay abreast with the future.

The annual dvi Students’ Convention is a chance for some 90 students of packaging-related subjects in the fields of technology, design and food to get together with business representatives, experts and influencers in politics and society.

In addition to fascinating and inspirational insights into the innovative mindsets and future ideas of tomorrow’s employees, all companies participating benefit from valuable opportunities to establish initial contacts with talented young people and develop them in a sustainable way during panel discussions, workshops and business speed dating sessions.

Through the dvi Students’ Convention we give space to youth development and promote the transfer of know-how and expertise between industry and high potentials at an early stage. It’s a win-win-win situation – for businesses, students and the future!

Benefits for business

  • Exclusive event for dvi members

  • Excellent, highly innovative platform for identifying the very best of the next generation today, for example by means of speed dating slots

  • Insights into the mindset and drivers of the next generation

  • Chance to exchange ideas, for instance at workshops

You too can be a part of all this – and gain insights into the creative minds that will shape tomorrow’s world. Discuss issues, ask questions and take home some good answers as well as valuable contacts for the future.


Welcome. To the high-potential project for the future.

Welcome to PackVision. This visionary hybrid project brings together the creativity and innovative vitality of students with the expertise and practical power of high-profile companies.

PackVision is a forum where the dvi invites businesses and students to sit around a table and collaborate to develop visionary, needs-based packaging solutions. Same-year students at design colleges, universities and academies prepare a detailed semester or project assignment where the aim is to design products and packaging for the immediate future.

Benefits for universities and students:

  • Semester assignments with practical relevance

  • Funded materials

  • Partnership with a commercial enterprise

  • Better understanding of how the market works

  • Attendance at a trade fair

  • Door-opener for public relations

Benefits for industrial partners:

  • Higher public profile as a champion of innovation and youth development

  • Creative, forward-looking packaging ideas promote a positive image

  • Door-opener for public relations

  • Positioning as PackVision partner and innovator

  • Exclusive rights to concept, product and packaging ideas

  • External idea development and generation

You too can be a part of all this – and design innovative products, exchange inspirational ideas and gather valuable experience for the future.


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