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German Packaging Institute

German Packaging Institute

Our promise:
We bring the right people together.

We’ve been around for 30 years now. We’re unique in that we connect people in many different industries across the entire packaging value chain – from engineering through all segments of the packaging industry, consumer goods and trade to recycling – always with the aim of initiating innovative and sustainable approaches for “good packaging”

New members

  • Cartonplast Group GmbH
  • SOKUFOL Folien GmbH
  • Mibelle Group
  • PSL Packaging Strategy Lab
  • KNOX GmbH



  • Launch of the international German Packaging Award 2023!

    Curtain up for the German Packaging Award 2023! Companies, organisations and individuals have until 19 May 2023 to submit their innovations and new solutions to Europe’s largest showcase for packaging. The award, organised by the German Packaging Institute (dvi), covers 10 categories across all materials and is open to companies, organisations and individuals from home and abroad. 

  • Packaging value chain sees serious shortcomings in review of EU packaging rules

    EUROPEN, the European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment, and the German Packaging Institute as EUROPEN member, considers the European Commission’s proposal on Packaging and Packaging Waste, adopted today, as an unfinished business. Despite its declared ambition, the proposal falls short of taking packaging sustainability to the next level because of the many serious concerns unanswered. Among them is a failure to recognise that packaging recyclability or reusability alone will not suffice unless backed up by a system capable of triggering investments in recycling infrastructure and reuse across Europe. 

  • Leaked document on new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) shows questionable and counterproductive measures

    As a reaction to the content of the leaked document EUROPEN - and the dvi being member of EUROPEN - released together with several other Packaging Organisations a joint statement questioning the true sustainability of EU’s legislative revisions and pointing out a number of counterproductive measures planned. We express our concern that they are not based on sufficient evidence and may lead to greater environmental impacts. 

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