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About us

Our pledge: We bring the right people together.

We’ve been around for 30 years now. We’re unique in that we connect people in many different industries across the entire packaging value chain – from engineering through all segments of the packaging industry, consumer goods and trade to recycling – always with the aim of initiating innovative and sustainable approaches for “good packaging”

To achieve this goal, we actively bring the »right people« together:

We are exceptionally well-connected throughout the packaging value chain, and this creates a climate in which encounters develop into contacts.

We know who takes the lead and we give momentum to innovative ideas.

We harvest information – and with our excellent news section we keep our members posted about what’s going on in relevant industries and make sure they stay abreast of the latest trends.

In other words, dvi members benefit from first-rate connections as well as up-to-the-minute information on groundbreaking advances in the world of packaging.

Our standpoint: As much packaging as necessary, as little as possible.

We can’t do away with packaging altogether. Packaging protects products and is necessary to transport and store them. Without packaging, hygiene, quality, originality and integrity cannot be guaranteed. By protecting products, we are helping to protect the environment.

Good packaging adds value and saves resources.

And good packaging is what drives us from day to day.

We’re impartial and we represent the interests of multiple industries.

We stand up for the issues that matter most to the packaging industry, irrespective of our members’ particular business or materials, and we refuse to be drawn into ideological debates.

We are the voice of packaging.

We’re the first port of call for the media.

We bring good packaging into the public eye. And we lend objectivity to discussions that are often tainted by prejudice and false clichés. Our information about what packaging does and the people who make or use it is founded firmly on facts.

We publish statistics, data, truths and trends related to for the packaging industry, making us the number one contact for universities and the scientific community.