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COR MaxiSafe - Bikes & mehr sicher verpackt

Submitted by:
KOLB Group – HANS KOLB Wellpappe GmbH & Co. KG; Deutschland

Jury evaluation:

This transport packaging for large packaged goods has an impressive integrated fixing mechanism for goods by means of a square perforated plate on the base and intermediate packaging layers. This gives flexibility in securing the product according to the needs of the packaged goods using sturdy corrugated cardboard sleeves with an anti-scratch coating (e.g. packaging two bicycles). These sleeves are inserted into the packaging’s square perforated plate, securing the packaged product against slipping. At the same time, the sleeves have a stabilising effect on the entire packaging unit, especially in the case of surface loads. Flexibly attachable and detachable transport castors can be fitted as an additional function to enable convenient transport of individual packages.