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GelatoPack - Home-Delivery-Verpackung mit 2 Kühlzonen für Eiscreme-Spezialitäten

Submitted by:
KOLB Group – HANS KOLB Wellpappe GmbH & Co. KG; Deutschland
Inventor/ Developer:
Andreas Siebrecht, GelatoPack GmbH

Jury evaluation:

Food delivery services are gaining in importance, and not just since the beginning of the pandemic. However, transport of some foodstuffs to the customer has been quite tricky and only achieved at the expense of quality. This is particularly the case for ice cream deliveries and here again especially for ice cream sundaes and speciality ice creams. One of the major challenges compared to standard ice cream packaging is the different temperature zones for ice cream (below-zero temperatures) and cream or toppings (3-6 degrees). The Kolb Group and inventor Andreas Siebrecht has developed Gelatopack, a decorative returnable packaging made of sustainable and insulating corrugated board, for insulated and cooled transport of ice cream sundaes. This innovative packaging solution creates different cooling zones. A deep-freeze zone, which keeps the ice cream frozen for a longer period of time, is created in the lower area. The upper part of the ice cream is protected and cooled, but not frozen. As a result, this unique, sustainable and returnable solution keeps both ice cream and cream at an optimum temperature during transport to the customer, whilst the product does not suffer any loss of quality caused by temperature fluctuations.