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PackOnTime 2box

Submitted by:
Kern AG

Jury evaluation:

The award is for a patented packaging solution for shipping boxes, implemented in a highly flexible packaging system. The system determines the packaging volume based on the geometry of the packaged goods, selects the suitable corrugated board blank from a stock of different sizes, cuts, perforates and creases it individually, sets up the blank, fills and seals them. The following qualities are particularly noteworthy:

  • Individual pack size with minimised filling volume, which removes the need for “padding” with cushioning material

  • Besides the main effect of saving padding material, transport volume and – depending on the dimensioning and production of the initial blanks (not included) – packaging material can also be saved

  • Suitable for almost any combination of different types of piece goods within a pack, including less robust ones

  • Very high rigidity and thus robustness due to the packaging construction. This does not have to come primarily from the corrugated board so offers further savings potential, high mechanical protection and “reusability” for return shipments.