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Melker of Sweden paddle packaging

Submitted by:
Stora Enso Lettland

Jury evaluation:

This new paddle packaging made of cardboard/corrugated board not only appeals to the target group of nature lovers, but is also a very good fit with the world of canoeing. A new material based on foamed cellulose fibre is used instead of plastic or cardboard padding materials to fix the paddles. This cellulose foam has shock-absorbing and insulating properties, is made entirely from renewable raw materials, is biodegradable and can be recycled in the paper bin. As soon as the consumer opens the box, they immediately become immersed in the outdoor world of paddling. Expressive images, the wave-shaped flap and the colourful design of the inserts not only set the scene for the product itself, but also convey an overall impression of canoeing and all its delights.