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Label innovation: craftLABEL, the origin in the label
Submitted by: VollherbstDruck GmbH
Material: Paper, cardboard, carton, other
The submission is on the market.

What the jury said:

Vollherbst has succeeded in authentically refining its labels to bring out the history of the company’s product.

Vollherbst uses a special process to incorporate its chosen materials into the label. This means for instance that rock particles from the vineyard such as powdered loess and slate soil, metal particles like bronze, dust, or even plant components can be worked in to become part of the refinement. This gives the customer a tactile and visual experience, enabling them to appreciate the craftsmanship involved in the product’s manufacture.

It is especially important for wine, spirits and luxury food producers to differentiate themselves in the product experience at home or at the point of sale while authentically telling their own story; the imagination can have full reign.