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Debamed Sepci-Bag with Speci-Sorb

Shipping medical samples for laboratory diagnostics
Submitted by: Anton Debatin GmbH + L.E.S.S. France
Material: Plastic
The submission is ready for the market but has not yet been introduced (prototype).

What the jury said:

The innovative packaging solution with integrated absorber coating is used to ship medical samples for laboratory diagnostics. The absorber coating prevents liquids from leaking in the event that a sample breaks. The integrated coating binds the escaping hazardous substance into a gel, preventing any further contamination.

The main benefit of this packaging solution is eliminating the absorber section which was previously inserted manually. The insertion process and the subsequent separation of bag and absorber section during disposal are both eliminated. This can improve efficiency in the production and disposal process. The new bag is made of recycled plastic and the coating inside washes off in the recycling process. This means that the recycling process is not interrupted. The absence of an absorber section also results in reduced transport volume.