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Sigma Multisportuhr iD. FREE

Submitted by: Hermann Höhing GmbH

The challenge of generating a distinctive POS display was achieved simply but extremely effectively here and presented in an exciting way. The winning entry reflects the emotion of the product, a multisport watch. The cardboard packaging material is aimed at the active target group of mountain bikers, mountaineers, skiers, hikers and climbers. The shape and design of the packaging reflects the topography their audience enjoys, exploring the highs and lows using several levels at the POS itself and during later unboxing. The packaging material is like a valley landscape that invites you to explore, discover and find, which is also further transported in the inlay. Differently coloured printed sleeves differentiate the different sports watch wristbands in their identical folding box. The jury was impressed with the overall concept of the solution as well as the clearly differentiating brand message at the POS.