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Supply Smart Analyzer

Submitted by:
Smurfit Kappa GmbH; Deutschland

Jury evaluation:

Smurfit Kappa has developed the Supply Smart Analyzer, a tool that analyses the entire supply chain for influencing factors and areas for optimisation. The analysis takes into account the product, primary and secondary packaging and any logistical requirements in goods delivery, processing, delivery logistics through to the handling processes in retail and their logistical efficiency in the warehouse and on the shelf. Compared to familiar systems, this can evaluate the entire chain in one go and make clear the points in the supply chain where changes have positive or negative effects. In addition to evaluating logistical KPIs such as load carrier and shelf efficiency, the costs of logistics and the environmental impact are also made clear in CO2 values. The results are presented in the target-performance comparison, providing a visual basis for decision-making in change processes. The jury highlighted the consistent further development and combination of well-known analysis tools in conjunction with database-founded costs and environmental factors, creating a holistic view of the supply chain.