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Tethering system for caps TC-CAP-ONE

Submitted by: Büsser Formenbau AG

EU Directive 2019/904 states that caps of disposable PET bottles must be equipped with a tethering system in future. The cap can be intuitively screwed off the bottle opening. The tethering takes the form of a double-layered guarantee band. The double layer enables the customer to open the cap in stages and thus to have complete freedom to decide how far to lift the cap from the opening. This means the cap does not need to come into contact with the face. At the same time, the cap can be put back on the opening and screwed down as usual. The absence of torsion and hinge elements prevents damage or failure to the tethering. A cap such as this is suitable for existing injection moulds. This means the present concept of the closure cap impressively manages to implement the EU directive and at the same time to change consumer habits and meet the needs of the industrial process without increasing the product weight.